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Homeowner Exclusive Service

by admin

Top notch electrical service that is homeowner exclusive because great companies choose to serve a specific customer group.

The fact is, 99% of electrical contractors focus on new construction projects. It’s also a well-known industry fact that the majority of these “construction electricians” look at residential repair as the “evil time waster” and will do everything in their power to avoid taking on this type of work.  However, some will make an exception, which is to use homeowner service and repair work as a “filler” in order to keep their electricians busy until the next construction project begins.

Construction electricians using residential service and repair work as “filler” is why there is such a well-known stigma that MOST contractors are always late or never show up at all.  Reason being is that they’ll put repair work on their schedule with every intention of doing the work.   However, in the meantime, if they get a new construction project lined up it takes priority over the repair work and most won’t call the homeowner to cancel or reschedule because it’s just a small one-time job (big mistake).

In addition, most “construction electricians” are not familiar with or trained properly to do work in existing homes.  So, when you call another company, the odds are good that they will send out an electrician lacking sufficient knowledge to work effectively in your home.  Although they’re likely to be an excellent new construction electrician who means well, they typically won’t have skills that are optimized to work in existing homes.

What’s worse is that nearly every time you will be charged by-the-hour for the work.  And, since you’ll be getting an under-qualified electrician in a van stocked for construction jobs, it’s likely that you’ll be charged by-the-hour for parts running as well.  You can see how this can be very costly, frustrating and time consuming!

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