At Electric Today, it is our job to make sure your home is electrically safe.  Faulty wiring and lack of maintenance causes more fire damage to homes than any other source. That is why we complete a complimentary visual Home Safety Audit in EVERY home we go to. It is our responsibility as professional electricians to address current problems, detect future problems, and do everything possible to keep your family safe and prevent damage to your home.

Just like any other system in your home, your homes electrical system wears out over time. We train our electricians to evaluate your home and educate you about the safety of your electrical system.   Sometimes repairs are needed right away, sometimes they can be put on the back burner, and other times it may just be an option to consider.   Before they leave your home, based on a visual audit, our friendly electrician(s) will provide a written report (for your eyes only) so you’ll know the general condition of your home’s electrical system as well as our recommendations for work that is needed (if any) to keep you and your family safe.  Sometimes a home may need a lot of electrical work, other times it may be in excellent condition.

Unlike other companies that may try to push unneeded costly repairs on you, our electricians look for the most economic solution, that still provides the highest level of safety, which gives you peace of mind! All this may sound like a lot of work and it is! But we feel we’d be doing you a disservice if we were to leave your home knowing that their are obvious safety issues that need addressing.